Turtle Camp (Turtle Point)

Lake Kipawa

Quebec, Canada

Lake Kipawa near Turtle Camp (downstream of Turtle Chutes)

Location created by
Christina Moreau

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Leaves have already started to fall but there has not been a frost yet.

13 Sep 12:25 by John Stark

Had difficulty calibrating meter (pH/TDS/conductivity)

25 Jul 13:00 by John Stark

Water is clear, no particles.

09 Jul 10:50 by John Stark

Some particles in water
Maple tree leaves have turned red
Poplar and birch tree leaves have started to change color

27 Sep 10:42 by John Stark

Observed a flock of geese heading south

Leaves have started changing color

13 Sep 10:45 by John Stark

Even though it has been hot and humid and calm most days for the past week there have been no signs of Blue green algae

29 Aug 11:00 by John Stark

No sign yet of blue/green algae

22 Aug 12:10 by John Stark

water level still at June high because of rain
water is clear
2 loons feeding

11 Aug 11:40 by John Stark

water clear

01 Aug 10:50 by John Stark

Water clear
No signs of blue green algae

18 Jul 11:30 by John Stark