Lake Kipawa

Red Pine Chutes

Quebec, Canada

46.844750, -78.622733
Where the Kipawa River meets Lac McKillop (Lake Kipawa). Some slow moving water, on the fringe of a developed cottage area (Red Pine Chutes) and a non-developed area (Lac McKillop)

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Christina Moreau

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Dissolved oxygen from 3.6 mg/L at 11 meters to 7.2 mg/L at surface
Total and fecal coliforms not zero but below detection limits (>2 CFU/100mL)
Weather conditions sunny and warm, 20% cloud cover
Windy, lake surface was choppy
Boating and lots of activity in Red Pine Chute area, Lac McKillop no boating activity

05 Aug 15:15 by Christina Moreau