Bennett Creek @ Billy Walker Rd.

Citronelle, Alabama, United States

Location created by
Cade Kistler

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Grassy with vegetation ,rocky with little to no litter

06 Mar 10:57 by Cade Kistler

tadpoles, slow flow

22 Mar 09:00 by Cade Kistler

Weather - 9:26 sunny mostly cloudy

22 Feb 09:26 by Justine Herlihy

Not much flow
Sunny but cold
Dirt road is adjacent to the creek
Not much litter

27 Nov 09:32 by Justine Herlihy

Lots more vegetation,fuller creek and a path has been made

05 May 07:55 by The Fishermen Citronelle

Rain previous 24 hours

22 Apr 07:15 by Cade Kistler

Rainfall in last 24 hours

25 Mar 07:50 by Cade Kistler