West Deane Park South

Mimico Creek

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Main entrance to West Deane Park off Martingrove – west side - north of Rathburn. Northeast corner of bridge over Mimico Creek.

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Korice Moir

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Michael B. organized 'The Creek and the Canopy' clean-up along Mimico Creek at West Deane Park South (part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up). Thanks to all who came out! New MPP for area helped collect along the trail -- very much appreciated. Volunteers from nearby high school collected the most garbage and also helped test water quality using Water Rangers kit. They were awesome! Other notes: it rained the night before; cloudy during the clean-up; and started to rain just as we were packing up. Surprised at how little garbage there was on east side of creek, walking south of the meeting spot. Have others picked up recently? Similar to other years, saw a number of golf balls in the water. We discussed recent report of blue-green algal bloom at mouth of Mimico Creek. Is the algae this far up the stream? It definitely changed how we participated in this clean-up compared to other years (this time we did not put on waders and climb into the creek like we usually do). The situation was not lost on us... the health of our creek has deteriorated such that we can't go into it to pick up garbage and improve its health! Boo.

28 Jul 11:20 by Korice Moir