Marie Curtis Beach, Mississauga

Lake Ontario

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Beach testing at Marie Curtis Park, Mississauga side (east of Etobicoke Creek)

Location created by
Korice Moir
  • Lat: 43.5839814
  • Lng: -79.5419812
  • Waterbody Type: Lake
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Planes (Canadian National Exhibition air show), seagulls, cormorants. Sail boats. Two para-sailers. Dog walkers. A few watching the air show from the pier. Not many others on the beach this time of day. Away for the long weekend?

01 Sep 12:26 by Korice Moir

Light wind, light waves. Clear water compared to the thick algae a couple of weeks ago. Lots of beach goers. Two people setting up rose pedals and candles on the sand that spell out ‘Marry Me’. A few minutes later the bride to be arrives. She said yes!

21 Aug 19:40 by Korice Moir

Seagulls. Cormorants. Dog walkers. Volleyball players. Picnic/beach goers. A wind surfer. Seadoo along shoreline. Cold water despite warm air.

29 Jul 19:12 by Korice Moir

Drone flying above. Castle built below.

29 Jun 14:07 by Korice Moir

Water temp of Lake Ontario finally above 15 degrees to do phosphate test. Summer rocks

22 Jun 19:06 by Korice Moir

Happy summer solstice!

21 Jun 20:58 by Korice Moir

We tested the water. Then we built a castle.

19 Jul 19:24 by Korice Moir

30 degrees! Nothing like a heat wave to bring one to the beach. Goals: cool off, test the water, smile cause summer is here!

30 Jun 20:00 by Korice Moir