Lakeshore Park

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Brandon, Mississippi, United States

Lakeshore Park is located on the southeastern shore of the Barnett Reservoir in Rankin County. The property is maintained by PRVWSD as a swimming, boating, and picnic area. Access is from Northshore Parkway, about 1/2 mile north of Spillway Road. The sampling site is adjacent to a designated swimming area with sand bottom and narrow beach with a wooden pier. The site is heavily used in the summer months. Canada Geese and Mallards are numerous in the park, encouraged by feeding. The surrounding grass is kept mowed, allowing rapid runoff after rain events.

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Abby Braman

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Several people swimming; several geese in water. A lot of trash/litter on shore.

13 Jun 18:16 by Nicole Mills

Sampled water for macroinvertabrete survey.

13 Apr 13:36 by Sarah Gayden Harris Hammond

There was a significant amount of geese feces at the waters edge and the geese have been in the water.

22 Jul 11:20 by Cindy Crocker

There was a significant amount of geese droppings in the park which will temporarily raise the bacterial level after the rain on July 2.

01 Jul 11:00 by Cindy Crocker

SW wind causing wave action affecting DO2 and Turbidity.

24 Sep 13:30 by William W Mitchell

There was a flock of ducks in addition to the geese in the swimming area. This would have led to the high ecoli count.

07 Aug 11:00 by Cindy Crocker

Numerous geese present.

19 Jun 09:00 by William W Mitchell

50+ Canada Geese in area, many in water near sample site. Recent light rain but no significant runoff evidence.

05 Jun 13:35 by William W Mitchell

Light rainfall within 24 hours. Numerous ducks and geese present.

17 Oct 16:40 by William W Mitchell

Recent rainfall, runoff evident, Canada Geese present in abundance

04 Jul 16:20 by William W Mitchell