Baie des Anglais / Lac Green

Kipawa Lake

Quebec, Canada

Very deep location located near shore and near some cottage and residential development, near the village of Kipawa and Kebaowek First Nation.

Location created by
Christina Moreau

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Secchi disc had a brown/orange color in the water.

15 Jul 14:30 by Donna Pariseau

Chlorophyll A <0.5 ug/L
Total coliforms (CFU/100ml) = 6.5

Additional parameters metals, etc. were measured in addition to parameters entered above. For full test results see

16 Nov 14:00 by Christina Moreau

Phosphorus, Calcium and Secchi disc measured only. Weather was sunny, 21 degrees Celsius and lake was calm.

24 Jul 12:00 by Christina Moreau