Temagami Seaplane Base on Hwy 11

Lake Temagami

Temagami, Ontario, Canada

Service centre and docking facilities here in the village. Test site is at the end of the dock just past the paviliion. Very easy access here.

Location created by
Heather Ross

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Raining off and on now with overcast sky. Some seagulls around.

17 Jul 16:15 by Don Ross

Bit overcast with light breeze. Seagulls and loons seen and heard.

19 Sep 15:00 by Don Ross

Very hazy sky from all the wildfire smoke in NE Ontario. Some rain in past 24 hrs.

26 Jun 13:30 by Don Ross

Overcast sky and bit of wind creating some chop on the water. Young boy fishing off the dock with his family in their boat…he had some nibbles and a fish on the line at one point but he lost it.

29 Aug 15:45 by Heather Ross

Partly cloudy with mild winds. No signs of wildlife at this time.

03 Jun 15:10 by Don Ross

Sunny with just a few clouds and very calm. Lake is crystal clear, although along the dock and marina there are heavy weeds sitting just below the surface in some areas. Spoke about our Water Rangers testing with the local librarian who was most interested in this and I directed her to the website for more info. A fisherman was coming along the dock to fish as I was leaving.

29 Oct 10:20 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and calm evening with sun beginning to set. No wildlife activity at the moment.

12 Sep 19:20 by Don Ross

Sunny with just a few clouds but enough to sprinkle a bit of rain while here. Water was so calm and clear that clouds appeared to be on the surface.

20 Nov 09:00 by Heather Ross

Overcast and very windy. Don’t know if there has been any rain in past 24 hours. No signs of wildlife anywhere and only weeds seen along the dock and under the surface along docks too.

03 Sep 16:05 by Don Ross

Sunny, cold and getting windier. No wildlife or people around the area now.

10 May 16:30 by Heather Ross