Bate Island

Ottawa River

Gatineau, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Kathleen Murr

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Britannia gauge 59.4

18 Apr 12:14 by Dan Wilcock

E-coli test performed by ORK from sample taken 24 June 2019.

25 Jun 15:15 by Dan Wilcock

Sample taken for E-coli testing from just beyond the wall at the eddy line.

17 Jun 11:00 by Dan Wilcock

Information collected with a YSI probe. Water Rangers kit measurements from same date/time/location are included in a separate post. Conductivity posted is the specific conductivity.

31 Oct 08:03 by Keith Pettinger

Information collected with Water Rangers Kit. YSI measurements from same date/time/location will be included in a separate post.

31 Oct 08:03 by Keith Pettinger

Sunny day. Many kayakers enjoying the waves! Ottawa Riverkeeper Maryse helps conduct tests.

24 May 11:17 by Kathleen Murr