Morgan Creek at Morgan Creek Park

Morgan Creek

Oswego, Illinois, United States

Location created by
Alyssa Theodor

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Used a duplicate test strip. Both strips read 49ppm

12 Apr 16:20 by Alyssa Theodor

Saw a cardinal near the water and heard red-winged blackbirds

20 Feb 15:30 by Alyssa Theodor

Water level high and creek moving fast

31 Jan 17:20 by Alyssa Theodor

Appeared to be a very faint peak above the 2.2 on the chloride test strip so I rounded up to 2.4 units

15 Dec 15:10 by Alyssa Theodor

Slight ice coverage on the edges but majority of the creek was clear. Snowfall (1 inch) from 11-26-23 has been melting yesterday and today

30 Nov 13:44 by Alyssa Theodor