Timber Trails Park pond


Saint Charles, Illinois, United States

pond with overlook dock, relatively still water; lots of frogs, birds and turtles in the summer; near townhouses, Timber Trails park, and industrial park

Location created by
Michelle Besch

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Heard a lot of birds and frogs, felt very sticky, hot, and humid, smelled some blossoming nearby trees

27 Apr 15:27 by Michelle Besch

Smelled like it’s crisp and getting colder, can smell the weather changing, smelled things beginning to blossom, and it kind of tickled my nose; heard redwing blackbirds

21 Mar 18:41 by Michelle Besch

I see areas with ice on the water, cat tails, still down from when the snow melted; smells crisp and fresh and moist

09 Feb 09:51 by Michelle Besch

Dock was very slippery, cardinals and downey woodpecker singing; smelled moist and like wet wood with a hint of cool crispness to the air

23 Dec 10:44 by Michelle Besch

Saw the beginning of ice forming in some areas on the pond - very thin; relatively quiet except for a few birds; air smelled crisp, cool, and slightly moist;

25 Nov 12:58 by Michelle Besch