Gartside Creek at Queen of Peace

Gartside Creek

Belleville, Illinois, United States

Site is at the head of Gartside Creek. Does not flow during dry periods, however pools are present. Site may be accessed from adjacent to the bridge, however rip-rap on embankment requires extra caution. Access is also available for at least 100' upstream, however bush honeysuckle makes for challenging hike down to the stream. Samples will be obtained just upstream of bridge.

Location created by
David Laslie
  • Group: Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Site ID: R0722902
  • Lat: 38.5438155
  • Lng: -90.0390315
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Observation tests summary

Air temperature °C
15.0 Latest
19.4 Average
Water temperature °C
14.9 Latest
15.3 Average
Chloride ppm
57.0 Latest
47.0 Average
Conductivity μS/cm
790 Latest
790 Average
pH (0-14)
7.2 Latest
7.2 Average

Ice On

Ice Off

  • 2023-11-18