Kenyon Woods Forest Preserve


South Elgin, Illinois, United States

creek leading through a culvert that drains into the pond and wetlands

Location created by
Michelle Besch
  • Lat: 41.9978046
  • Lng: -88.282646
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: UTC

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Humid, fragrant from some of the flowers and trees, but not sweet, heard birds and squirrels

30 May 21:38 by Michelle Besch

Ground was moist, smelled damp, windy, and humid, heard lots of birds, geese in the wetland nearby

27 Apr 17:38 by Michelle Besch

Heard chorus frogs, tons of birds, smelled crisp like snow is coming

21 Mar 21:04 by Michelle Besch

Chloride levers were higher however it exceeded the range of the test strips.

Water levels were lower than last time

24 Feb 18:43 by Michelle Besch

Saw snow that was melting, some areas with ice newly fallen dead leaves,

Smelled humid, moist, slightly like rotting leaves, little chill in the air,

24 Jan 20:32 by Michelle Besch

Saw and heard water flowing quickly at the site; smelled like molding wet leaves; very moist with a fog rolling in

23 Dec 21:24 by Michelle Besch

Saw snow falling, newly fallen leaves, lower water levels than a few days ago, it also smelled crisp, cool, and earthy

31 Oct 17:39 by Michelle Besch