Tyler Creek Forest Preserve

Tyler Creek

Elgin, Illinois, United States

.05 miles from shelter 1

Location created by
Suzi Myers

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Water running fast. I see squirrels, hear birds, greening bushes.

28 Mar 20:21 by Suzi Myers

My two readings were different, 2.0 and 2.4. This may be due to settling of water in the tube. As I did one at a time.

28 Feb 21:52 by Suzi Myers

Lots of cars, chain saw working, creek rushing with water.

31 Jan 19:17 by Suzi Myers

I forgot to take photo.
Creek mostly uncovered by ice.

30 Nov 16:08 by Sandra Jacoby

People walking and squirrels

09 Nov 21:32 by Suzi Myers

Beautiful day. Lots of people out. Box elder and lady bugs everywhere. Leaves falling.

24 Oct 21:00 by Suzi Myers