Garden at 42 Sturt Road

River Wey

Haslemere, West Sussex, United Kingdom

River Wey as a stream at the bottom of the garden at 42 Sturt Road.
Moving water, 20m downstream from Camelsdale Road run-off.
Between gardens, no public right of way.

Location created by
Alastair Bayliss

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Above average flow, but not surging.

29 Apr 11:04 by Alastair Bayliss

This additional test was done because a pollution incident was in progress. This has been reported separately. Works to upgrade the surface water drainage on Camelsdale Road was leading to silt and soil being washed into the river.

06 Feb 15:20 by Alastair Bayliss

More foam than usual collecting around leaf blockages.

26 Nov 13:30 by Alastair Bayliss

There was some foam around the edges of the stream where the water slows, this is normal for the site, but is not extensive.

24 Sep 17:53 by Alastair Bayliss