River bend by Sainsbury's

River Wey

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom

A couple (large) outflow pipes here on the bend. Would be interested in knowing if they have an effect, or if we see them flowing.

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James Alvarez

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A boat that was docked next to this spot commented on how they noticed some murky scum that had gathered alongside their boat

01 Jul 21:46 by Chloe Price

e.coli reading exceeded IDEX test : > 2420

28 Jun 07:00 by Alistair Young

River high and surging following week of heavy rain. Lots of foam on surface, water brown and cloudy.

24 Feb 11:36 by Annabel Gibbs

some brown, muddy-looking water entering river from drainage pipes that run under road. Source unknown - may be run off following the heavy rain?

28 Oct 10:32 by Annabel Gibbs

Building work still ongoing at Sanitation station.
Water level higher and faster than usual following heavy downpours.

22 Sep 13:05 by Annabel Gibbs

Groundworks in progress on bank in front of Godalming Sanitation Station - diggers have removed retaining wall etc (Axtell)

26 Aug 09:35 by Annabel Gibbs

3 or 4 pipes discharging into river by Godalming Sanitary Station.

29 Jul 13:07 by Annabel Gibbs