Uptown Saint John, NB

Harbour Passage

St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

On this particular day, we noted that the overall conditions of this site were murky as well as overcast with slight fog. The harbor did smell of seaweed and no garbage or debris was noted at this site along the harbor front.

  • Lat: 45.2780145
  • Lng: -66.0558749
  • Waterbody Type: Ocean
  • Timezone: America/Moncton

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Weather along Tin Can Beach was sunny with cloudy periods. We were present at Tin Can Beach during low tide and were able to make our way down to the sandy beach today.

The clarity of the water was good this morning. The only debris noted were sticks and decaying vegetative growth. There is no canopy cover in the area where water was tested on this day.

We went further down alongside Harbour Passage this morning to conduct our water quality tests. We ended up going along the new addition alongside the structure for the Annual Harbour Tree of Lights Campaign. On the outskirts of the harbour, we could make out a harbour seal on the surface of the water as his head bobbed up and down in the waterway. Weather was excellent - clear skies, sun, and small wind present.

Clarity of the water was muddy and seagulls were found alongside Long Wharf this morning. Also, a dead bird (duck) was found along the shoreline.

18 May 12:10 by Aaron Abbott

Overcast day with clarity of the water being recorded as muddy or cloudy.

We did make note of seaweed along the shoreline as well as identified a green crab along the same shoreline.