Hell Ditch, Godalming

Hell Ditch

Farncombe, Surrey, United Kingdom


Location created by
Kat Kavanagh
  • Group: River Wey Trust : Godalming
  • Site ID: ending.acting.finger
  • Lat: 51.1912975
  • Lng: -0.6018707
  • Waterbody Type: Stream
  • Timezone: UTC

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mallard ducks, collared dove, blackbird, great tit, blue tit, house sparrow, wren, egret, Canada geese.

01 Apr 07:34 by Annabel Gibbs

Water level particularly high and surging following week of heavy rain. Path to river at gate under water.

24 Feb 10:45 by Annabel Gibbs

cattle grazing in adjacent field.
Very heavy downpours in previous week so water level higher and faster than usual.

22 Sep 12:40 by Annabel Gibbs

Cattle on Lammas Land but with no access to water at this testing site.

26 Aug 09:10 by Annabel Gibbs

Sparrows, blackbirds, wood pigeons.
Dogs drinking and cooking off.

23 Jun 09:35 by Annabel Gibbs

Clear water, steady flow, no odour.
Red kite, common blue butterfly, swifts, bees nest in bank.

26 May 15:54 by Annabel Gibbs

Two mallard ducks on water, cabbage white butterfly.

27 Apr 10:45 by Annabel Gibbs

Stream high and fast following yesterday's heavy rain showers. Lots of birdlife on surrounding Lammas Lands - mallards, kestrel, little egret.

25 Mar 13:12 by Annabel Gibbs

Testing spot runs alongside allotments.

18 Mar 17:03 by Annabel Gibbs