Tewkesbury Nature Reserve: Downstream of central foot bridge

River Swilgate

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Flowing water, small river. Downstream of bridge and SUDS inflow.

Location created by
Giles Alder

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River level receding after rain.

Ammonia actual value was 0.47ppm. Data platform requires rounding to nearest 0.1ppm.

24 Jan 13:15 by Giles Alder

Everything looked fine

20 Feb 17:10 by Giles Alder

This observation was taken the day after a pollution incident. It has been notified to the Environment Agency who took samples. Dead fish were seen yesterday. The cause was thought to be farm slurry. Unpleasant smell persisting today.

Extra reading of phosphate taken on Hanna checker. Reading was 2.08ppm

17 Nov 14:30 by Giles Alder

Took extra phosphate reading with Hanna checker. Reading 0.68 ppm i.e. over 10 times higher than disposable Water Rangers test. Uncertain why this is at the moment

31 Oct 16:41 by Giles Alder