Pickerel Bay

White Lake

Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Conrad Grégoire
  • Lat: 45.27301
  • Lng: -76.515515
  • Waterbody Type: Lake
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Moderate rain 2 days prior to sampling (not enough to run streams) Mostly sunny day with winds ranging from 0 to 15 km/hr.

15 Oct 10:45 by Conrad Grégoire

Moderate rain day before sampling. Boundary and Paris Creeks not flowing. Bright overcast day. Winds from 0 to 5 km/hr.

03 Oct 11:00 by Conrad Grégoire

Sunny day no clouds winds ~5 km/hr. Last significant rains 5 days prior to sampling. Very windy 1.5 days before sampling. Lake shallowest in years.

12 Sep 10:40 by Conrad Grégoire

clear sunny day

04 Sep 12:05 by Conrad Grégoire

Bright sunny day, no wind, Air temp. 23 °C. No rain for 14 days, max day temps 27 °C; streams are not running at all.

30 Aug 10:43 by Conrad Grégoire

Bright, clear sunny no wind. Air temp. 23°C. Following 2 weeks of ~30 °C Air temps, significant rain Aug 13/14/16 (day before sampling)

17 Aug 10:54 by Conrad Grégoire

Partially cloudy, air temp. 23 °C; winds ~10 km/hr. Hot and dry previous ten days, lake level down due to evaporation

31 Jul 10:37 by Conrad Grégoire

Sunny, very few clouds;, wind ~10 km/hr; Air temp. 25 °C; July 9 some rain/July 10 heavy rain (~2” lake depth increased) July 11 sunny and calm

12 Jul 10:50 by Conrad Grégoire

Clear sunny day, Air tem. 24 °C. three days prior good but not heavy rain broke 3 weeks of drought. Winds ~ 10 km/hr

03 Jul 10:24 by Conrad Grégoire

Full sun, air temp. 17 °C. Jun 11 – 10 hours of steady rain, not heavy; very high pollen in water; Jun 12 to 13 – winds of 25 to 40 easing to < 10 km/hr

14 Jun 10:49 by Conrad Grégoire