Newark Lock downstream

River Wey

Ripley, Surrey, United Kingdom

Downstream of lock, after Ripley SWT outflow

Location created by
Heather Dougherty

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Flooding along some sections on river banks. Sewage discharging from both local CSO's during observation for > 24hrs

29 Mar 12:08 by Alan Toomey

Flow faster here than upstream of the lock, with lots of natural debris (mostly leaves).

24 Nov 10:40 by Heather Dougherty

Conductivity meter reading questionable

22 Sep 09:51 by Heather Dougherty

Newly re-calibrated conductivity meter measurement was jumping around a bit. Hard to judge accuracy of this reading,

25 Aug 09:51 by Heather Dougherty

Plenty of river plants: reeds/lillies/underwater plants

28 Jul 15:30 by Sam Yates