Archibald Dock

Lake Huron

Ontario, Canada

Water off Archibald Preserve

Location created by
Corinne Wilkerson

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The central dock formerly used for sampling has been removed (for winter?) used the large wooden dock to the northwest.

06 Oct 12:37 by Rob Purdon

Water insects on surface away from shore, crows, ducks heard but could not be identified.

21 Aug 10:40 by Rob Purdon

Nothing of significance. Met a cottager returning to their cottage who expressed interest in the water quality monitoring program. Directed her to the Water Rangers web page, discussed the water quality of Lake Huron in a general sense. She thanked me and the Kensington Conservancy for our work on this.

26 Jul 14:25 by Rob Purdon

Suspected snapping turtle on surface ~30 m out from shore
Water clear, but there was a great deal of pollen on surface and suspended.

24 Jun 10:03 by Rob Purdon

Water clear. Some vegetation floating on water.
Calling Blue Jays, chickadees, crows.

29 Aug 14:50 by Corinne Wilkerson