Lavergne Bay and Lavergne Marsh

Ottawa River

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Marsh has had changes over past couple of years. The spit of land between the marsh and the mouth of the Mississippi is now devoid of trees as they were cut down. Leaves marsh more open to flooding and wind. Large commercial dock and launch built just outside of marsh although not used much.

Location created by
Pat Tait
  • Lat: 45.4520931
  • Lng: -76.2835693
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Cool NE wind.

28 Aug 16:55 by Pat Tait

Windy - hard to keep boat over usual testing area.

28 Aug 16:55 by Pat Tait

Water low.

26 Jul 09:20 by Pat Tait

A lot of deer flies around.

27 Jun 10:15 by Pat Tait

Two water snakes interacting. Something was squealing - I couldn’t tell if it was the snakes or if they had something in their mouths.

25 Aug 11:53 by Pat Tait

Water is low and warm. Although the testing was done in Lavergne Bay near the marsh, these pictures were taken inside the marsh.

28 Jul 10:15 by Pat Tait

Air is Cooling down. River and marsh are quiet. Could hear peepers beginning.

22 Jun 19:48 by Pat Tait

Weather cloudy with sunny periods. Off shore wind coming from the east. No one on water. Green lane buoy (for Boat Bypass lanes) has disappeared.

27 May 13:45 by Pat Tait

Very hot and still. No breeze.

24 Sep 17:45 by Pat Tait

Sounds of bullfrogs. Geese flying in formation overhead. Secchi test site was very weedy - not sure if disc disappeared from view or was hidden under weeds. Water very murky.

26 Aug 18:14 by Pat Tait