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Water Rangers


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This group has been created to help us test and prototype new equipment. Testers are currently equipped with test strips! They try and interpret results themselves and then take a photo of the strips on a reference card so we can build up a database so our software can 'learn' how to record results.

Right now, this group is testing two types of strips.
1- high-level phosphorous (during pollution events)
2- alkalinity, pH, and hardness

Water testing protocol

Take sample below the first 10cm of the water. Rinse cup 3 times before taking your sample.

Phosphate teststrips: Follow instructions on package. These should be used when you suspect rates above 0.01ppm (100ppb).
- Dip strip in the sample
- Wait 45 seconds
- Compare results with colour scale
- Record results
- Take a photo of the strip on the reference card.

Other test strips:
- Dip strip in sample for 2 seconds
- Compare results right away
- Hold strip vertically and compare values for Alkalinity, pH and Hardness
- Record results
- Take a photo of the strip on the reference card

For more information on the protocols of this program, visit

Areas monitored

123 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5G4