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Valley trail blazers

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Melissa McKay
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Our amazing group (Small but mighty) called Valley Trail blazers stand for everything to do with Nature and conservation. Living here in the beautiful Ottawa valley gives us some of the utmost opportunities for outdoor activities that all eager outdoor enthusiasts alike desire. Home to some of the most prestigious places and natural wonders in canada! What better way to help protect the environment and celebrate CANADAS 150th !!!!! As a group, we commit ourselves to volunteer work to help keep our natural places lakes, rivers, and streams clean and preserved for future generations to come. Valley trail blazers spend a tireless amount of time helping the environment, local hiking trails and conservation areas, including wetlands any way possible. We organize weekend and monthly adventures and hikes and much more locally within the Ottawa valley area. There are various amounts of activities we do to get outdoors. What better way to get closer to nature and get connected with our roots of the natural world around us! How neat is it to test the very waters that surround our home?! we as a group are so thrilled to be able to partake in this amazing program with water rangers.

Testing Protocol

We will gather on a weekly basis as the valley trail blazer's to conduct testing of the water in our area that is specified in the coordination of the water rangers program. While enjoying all things outdoors, we will partake in observations of all wildlife as best possible, and any other unique finds along the trails.

Areas monitored

Arnprior Ont
Surrounded by 3 major river systems that make the Ottawa valley unique.

Ottawa river shed
Madawaska river shed
Bonnechere river shed