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The Kensington Conservancy

St Joseph Channel Water Quality Monitoring

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The Kensington Conservancy is a land trust that works to protect lands and waters in the St. Joseph Channel of Lake Huron by purchasing property, accepting donations of land and creating voluntary conservation easement agreements. These protection methods are all aimed at preserving our precious landscape in perpetuity. The Kensington Conservancy believes that conservation and preservation can also be achieved through the good stewardship practices of all property owners. We work with local landowners, farmers, governments, schools and other organizations to develop programs that will promote greener and less intensive development, best land and water management practices, invasive species control and low impact recreational activities.

Water testing protocol

We will be testing water using the Compact Freshwater Test Kits.
Testing will be done on the last Monday of each month, for the months of May to September.

Areas monitored

69 Boyer Dr,
Desbarats, ON
P0R 1E0