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Sharbot Lake Water Monitoring

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We are a group of concerned residents (full time and seasonal) with an enduring interest in Sharbot Lake, the lake area we inhabit. Our goal is to ensure that the area continues to be as beautiful and unspoiled as possible. Eastern Ontario is one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas in Ontario; a vacation paradise. We want to keep it beautiful for generations to come.
Motto: A Concern for Property and Environment

Water testing protocol

Water Testing Procedure - Sharbot Lake Property Owners

Training: Great training video: There is also a GUIDE book located in the kit.

• Water testing Kit, a GPS capable device, and a Boat! It is also recommended you take a buddy for safety & support. Second person will be of great assistance to determine an accurate result. Second person can also assist in keeping boat as close as possible to testing spot. Wind can make this challenging at times (water depths are great than 20 meters and beyond most anchor capabilities)
• Complete tests “without” sunglasses as color comparisons are required on some tests!

1. Record:
a. Date (Friday April 28)
b. Time (5:30 p.m.)
c. Body of water (i.e. Sharbot Lake)
e. Weather conditions (sunny, some wind)
f. Weather in past 24 hours
g. Observations: See anything? Smell anything, Wildlife?

2. Air Temperature – using thermometer from kit.
a. On shore, hang it in shade, 5 feet above ground. Let it acclimate 5 minutes.
b. Record Air Temperature reading (Suggestion: do this in once in East Basin, once in West Basin and once in Elbow Lake)

3. Travel to site.
a. Use GPS unit or cell phone to get to documented location.
i. Most cell phone MAP Apps will accept GPS coordinates directly into SEARCH box. Eg. 44.223456,-76.45324
b. Note: do the best you can to get to & remain in the targeted location. Drifting a few meters is acceptable.

4. Conductivity meter.
a. Remove cap
b. Turn it on with top button
c. Put testing tip of meter in water, just below surface. Hold it there until it regulates.(5-10 seconds)
d. Press middle button (Hold)
e. Record Water Temperature and Conductivity
f. Turn off meter

5. Secchi Disk
a. Test on side of boat with NO glare (shaded side)
b. Lower it down until you can not see it. Raise it up, lower it again so to verify where you loose sight of disk.
c. Grasp rope right at water level. This is your “depth”.
d. Record Secchi depth (there are markings for each meter. You can “fold” each meter to obtain 0.5 meter increments. Or use the tape measure.

6. Dissolved Oxygen
a. Open black plastic case title CHEMets Kit K-7512. Get out test beaker and one “Ampoule”. Read SAMPLING card, which explains process in detail. Following are key points.
b. Note: after getting water sample, complete test QUICKLY as exposure impacts the results. Get sample from BELOW service of lake water.
c. Gather sample, insert ampoule, tip first and break it off which brings sample into ampoule. Turn ampoule over 2 times and finish with tip.
d. Wait for 2 minutes.
e. Compare to include samples and determine a Dissolved Oxygen reading by placing module next to samples provided and recording data. Example: If between 8 and 10, record 9
f. Close black plastic box as light will alter samples!

7. Test “strips”
a. Get a single strip from small container.
b. Get test cup, rinse 3 times.
c. Get sample from below lake surface.
d. Immerse strip complete in sample for 2-3 seconds.
e. Compare EACH of the 3 results, with the container to obtain our reading. Note: only recording 3 of 6 items!
f. Record: pH, Alkalinity and Hardness

8. Your have completed the testing for this site.
9. Collect all garbage: strip, glass module tip and ampoule; dispose of appropriately.
10. Repeat for all 6 sites.
11. Last step. Either: Input data in “Water Rangers App” or send data to SLPOA coordinators (Barbara Fradkin or Guy MacLeod)
a. Note: There is a Water Rangers App for cell phones too!

Areas monitored

Upper end of Sharbot Lake
Lower end of Sharbot Lake
Elbow Lake (From Sharbot. Flows into Fall River)