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Kipawa Lake Preservation Society

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The Kipawa Lake Preservation Society is a group of local and seasonal residents of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. Our goals are to lobby for the long term protection of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. We are concerned about the many threats to this watershed and the impacts they will have on the health of the ecosystem and nearby communities.

Water testing protocol

Secchi depth readings should be taken mid-day (between 10am and 3pm) with sunglasses off, sun to your back. pH, Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids and Conductivity readings are taken using a Hanna handheld combo meter. Meters should be calibrated for pH 4, & 7 and for conductivity prior to each sampling event or at least weekly. Probe should be moved continuously in the water until it settles on a value. If pH, etc. readings are to be taken by putting water sample in a bottle or container first, the container/bottle should be rinsed with lake water several times prior to immersing the probe. Chosen locations should be sampled on a regular basis throughout the season (ideally weekly but at a minimum monthly) in order to track changes through time.

Areas monitored

Kipawa Lake, Quebec