Willow Creek : Willow creek drain s into Rondeau Bay Shrewsbury Ont Can

Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada

pH (0-14) What's this? 6.8
Dissolved oxygen mg/L What's this? 7.0
Secchi depth m What's this? 0.2
Chlorine ppm What's this? 0.0
Hardness mg/L What's this? 200.0
Alkalinity mg/L What's this? 120.0
Conductivity μS/cm What's this? 732.0
Air temperature °C What's this? 2.0
Water temperature °C What's this? 4.2


Current weather What's this?
  • cloudy
  • rainy
  • windy
Snow/rain ,windy N 23 KPH , cloudy . Cool temp 2*C
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
  • cloudy
  • rainy
  • windy
Weather was similar to above

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Did not see or hear any wildlife. It has been rain and snow melting last few days. You can see water in fields laying .No ice . And a tomato that has been laying on test site of culvert for last few months is still there,suprised no wildlife has gotten to it and that it has not decomposed yet.
There was natural debris on water
There was no immediate dischagre
There was no evidence of people
There was cyanobacteria algae in west corner from test site
The water was steady
The water was high
The water colour was brown
The water clarity was cloudy
There was no odour
There was no ice