Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve : Salt Creek

Wood Dale, Illinois, United States

Observed by
Tom Kubica
  • Observed on: Wed, 27 Dec 2023 11:48:00 -0600
  • Testers Tom Kubica
  • Associated with:
    Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Lat: 41.9546929
  • Lng: -87.988193
Chloride ppm What's this? 194.0
Air temperature °C What's this? 5.7
Water temperature °C What's this? 6.8
Ice off What's this?

Since: 2023-12-27


Current weather What's this?
  • cloudy
Cloudy, overcast. Damp. Things seemed calm and silent with the exception of an occasion airplane flying overhead.
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
2.2 degree Celsius Windy, rainy, cloudy most of the day

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Quiet day for the most part. Overcast. High water in Creek. No frozen areas in grass.
Spotted 2 Blue jays, 8 Canadian geese, 2 Red Bellied woodpeckers, 3 squirrels.