Pollys Gut East : St. Lawrence River

Ontario, Canada

Observed by
Emma Ehrenfeld
pH (0-14) What's this? 7.5
Dissolved oxygen mg/L What's this? 8.0
Secchi depth m What's this? bottom visible
Hardness mg/L What's this? 100.0
Alkalinity mg/L What's this? 80.0
Water depth m What's this? 2.0
Conductivity μS/cm What's this? 276.0
Air temperature °C What's this? 27.5
Water temperature °C What's this? 24.8


Invasive Species

Zebra Mussels
Zebra Mussels What's this?
Other Invasive
Other Invasive What's this?


Current weather What's this?
  • sunny
  • windy
Bright hot sun and steady wind
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
  • cloudy
  • rainy
Consistent mist to light rain all day and overcast sky with very sparce sunshine.

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Fish: Brook sticklebac, bluntnose minnow, spotfin shiner, mimic shiner, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, tubenose goby, round goby, banded killifish, yellow perch.
Plants: Elodea, richardsons pondweed, coontail, tapegrass, bullrush.
Invasive species: Tubenose and round gobies, zebra mussels.