Kipawa Lake at Jawbones Bay : Kipawa lake

Quebec, Canada

Observed by
Paul Berube
pH (0-14) What's this? 6.36
Secchi depth m What's this? 4.6
Water depth m What's this? 36.0
Conductivity μS/cm What's this? 36.0
Air temperature °C What's this? 17.0
Water temperature °C What's this? 15.5
Total dissolved solids ppm What's this? 18.0


Current weather What's this?
  • sunny
Clear skies
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
  • cloudy
  • rainy
Light showers in the past 24 hours

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West winds at 7 to 14 km/h
Pollen on the surface
A lot of pollen in suspension
PPM & conductivity is much higher than previous years. I tested twice and calibrated the meter an hour before the testing.
I will be away ne my next test will be June 25