Kannata Valley Boat Launch : Last Mountain Lake

Saskatchewan, Canada

Observed by
Amy Sanderson
  • Observed on: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 13:55 CST
  • Associated with:
  • Lat: 50.7868637
  • Lng: -104.9133137

Water Quality Tests

pH (0-14) What's this? 8.9
Dissolved oxygen (mg/L) What's this? 10.0
Secchi depth (m) What's this? 0.48
Hardness (mg/L) What's this? 400.0
Alkalinity (mg/L) What's this? 240.0
Conductivity (uS/cm) What's this? 1841.0
Air temperature ℃ What's this? 28.0
Water temperature ℃ What's this? 17.6

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A beautiful, sunny clear sky day! Deer tracks along the beach. The leaves on the trees are turning colour and announcing the arrival of fall.