RVL-39_P7 : Big Rideau Lake

Portland, Ontario, Canada

Observed by
Ann White

Water Quality Tests

pH (0-14) What's this? 9.0
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) What's this? 9.0
Secchi Depth (m) What's this? 0.5
Hardness (mg/L) What's this? 100.0
Alkalinity (mg/L) What's this? 120.0
Water Depth (m) What's this? 0.5
Conductivity (uS/cm) What's this? 217.0
Air Temperature ℃ What's this? 25.0
Water Temperature ℃ What's this? 23.3


Current Weather What's this?
  • sunny
Cumulus clouds and light wind
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
  • sunny
Cumulus clouds and light wind

Latest Photos


Lens Cove has expanded its parking area next to the test site and removed vegetation along the shore. Lens Cove employees are removing weeds from the water. Weeds are collecting in the corners along the sides of the bay. The water at the test site has a lot of suspended mud in the water and soft on the bottom with the Secchi sinking into mud.