West side of Canada Centre for Inland Waters property : Hamilton Harbour

Observation Report



  • pH(0-14)8.4
  • Hardness(mg/L)175.0
  • Alkalinity(mg/L)160.0
  • Water Depth(m)0.01
  • Air Temperature13.8
  • Water Temperature10.3
  • Ice off

    Since 2019-04-13


Ambient water temp. 7.1C
Al/pH/hardness readings taken @ water temp. 10.3C
PHOSPHATE reading was 5 ppm taken @ water temp. 19.9C
Windy, sun & haze overcast
Rain & sun the day before
Ice has been off for many days
All sample from originally sterile plastic container, each time being rinsed 3x approx 1M from actual sampling site.