Westmeath Boat Launch : Ottawa River

Observation Report



  • pH(0-14)7.8
  • Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)8.0
  • Alkalinity(mg/L)180.0
  • Conductivity(uS/cm)552.0
  • Air Temperature0.0
  • Water Temperature2.3


Light snow, Wind 5 km E, 80% Humidity, 100.8 kPa.

Testing early spring runoff in this area. Creek that runs into the Ottawa River at this location measures very high conductivity. It is relative of seasonal runoff occurrences for sodium chloride.

Snow still blanketing the ground surrounding the creek. This creek flows quite quickly during runoff events and has large debris scattered throughout stream bed. Accumulation of large tree branches and leaf litter has created small pools at various locations along the stream.

This site was not tested this time last year, but was monitored throughout the summer. Further testing during the next few weeks will provide enough evidence to formulate a conclusion regarding the increased levels of conductivity as a source of pollution via road salt applications.