Cherry Valley Lions Memorial Park Boat Launch Dock : Tributary entering SE End of East Lake

Observation Report



  • Fish
  • Plant
  • Insect
  • pH(0-14)7.8
  • Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)6.0
  • Secchi Depth(m)0.9
  • Hardness(mg/L)250.0
  • Alkalinity(mg/L)150.0
  • Water Depth(m)0.9
  • Conductivity(uS/cm)395.0
  • Air Temperature21.0
  • Water Temperature20.7


Sunny , calm evening. Minimal rainfall over past few weeks. Can hear lots of crickets chirping and many flying insects and waterbugs around. Several people arriving to launch their boats as we were leaving. Dock is no longer submerged at all as levels returning to normal . Quite a bit of green algae bloom and scum on surface and below, with other weeds. Schools of minnows swimming happily about in it and oblivious to our testing. Picked up and recycled some paper and cardboard garbage people left alongside the docks.