OB Curtis

Brashear Creek

Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States

From Lake Harbour Drive, turn on O B Curtis Drive and continue to the security guard house and gate at the O. B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant. Park in the gravel parking area on the right across the security guard house. Walk directly across O. B. Curtis Drive and across the open lawn about 100 feet to the open or , narrowly wooded edge along the creek. Descend the creek bank just downstream of the elevated pipe across the creek and the riprap along a dirt path to creek. A security guard is present at the gate house 7 days a week. Testers should introduce themselves to the security guard on duty.

Location created by
Abby Braman

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Creek very still (no flow) oily sheen, water very low

25 Sep 09:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water is clear, quite low; heard hawk and Carolina wren

17 Aug 06:45 by LeAnn Nealey

Water up, brisk flow, frogs croaking, skunk smell in area

10 Aug 06:20 by LeAnn Nealey

Water higher, fairly good flow, add’l debris on pipe and along sides, water is muddy

03 Aug 06:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water: Slight flow, more than last week; lower depth; a lot of silt washed up along sides; rocks are slick

27 Jul 06:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Little, if any flow in creek; low as we’ve seen; water was slightly cloudy

20 Jul 06:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water: adequate depth, but significantly lower; very little, but some, flow; no sheen, fairly clear

13 Jul 06:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water: adequate depth, water level higher than last week; cloudy, flowing a bit (usually still); silt washed up on rocks from storms day before

06 Jul 06:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water: adequate depth but lower, slight film on water, water clear
Heard woodpecker; saw one dragonfly

26 Jun 07:30 by LeAnn Nealey

Water: adequate depth; clear, very slight sheen on surface

22 Jun 06:20 by LeAnn Nealey