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Ontario, Canada

Reported by:
Cale Jackson

About this Location

Ottawa River watershed : Horton, Ontario

Small ephemeral wetland along a ditch near the intersection of Hwy 17 and Storyland Rd.
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A transport truck tipped over and spilled fuel and oil into a ditch which is also part of a wetland. although an effort, albeit ineffective, was made to contain the spill it has yet to be cleaned up after 2 weeks. wildlife, especially turtles, have been observed in and around the spill area. the lack of cleanup after 2 weeks is not acceptable.

Sunny. 24 Celsius

Have you seen this before?

Occurred approximately 2 weeks ago.

Have you notified any other agencies?

No. The county of Renfrew and MTO were the initial responders. MOECC has been notified 26/06/2017

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