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Saskatchewan, Canada

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Paul Stinson

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Arm Lake : Stinson dock

Private dock at Stinson acreage at the bottom of a small wooded coulee with native prairie on either side. Water is still. Water drops off quickly...
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A mule deer carcass was on the ice, near the water sampling area of stinson dock. all that is left by this time is some hide, bones, and stomach contents, spread around the area by coyotes.


Have you seen this before?

A dozen mule deer carcasses have been found in the area over the past sveral months. Two were on the ice, near the water sampling area of Stinson dock.

Have you notified any other agencies?

No. I do wonder if it is simply from hunger/starvation, or if it is from chronic wasting disease. Deer in the area have not been looking sick or stumbling, but the occasional one has not been showing normal fear of people or dogs.


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