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Ontario, Canada

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Mike Grinnell

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Loon Lake : Center Deep Spot

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Slowly and consistently increasing chloride levels in the lake. chloride as monitored by the mecp. the lake is bordered on it’s northern perimeter by highway 118e. the highway is on the riparian zone. the municipality, the county, the province, and the federal government has been advised. the mot has advised that it is now using wetted salt and has reduced the amount of salt deposited by 20%. a letter has recently been sent to the premier, doug ford, asking for his help. i will continue to monitor mecp results and will use chloride test strips during the year. chloride level as of 2021 is at 14.0 mg/l and it was 10.40 mg/l in 2015, as per the mecp.


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Yearly for the past few years, as per MECP analysis of LPP samples

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