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Picton, Ontario, Canada

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Don Ross

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Picton Harbour on Lake Ontario : Picton Harbour at Mouth of Marsh Creek

Calm sheltered harbour in Picton where boats are docked and easily accessible from the boardwalk beside the Harbour Inn. The Marsh Creek empties in...
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Many large dead carp or suckers laying in the water bottom along the shoreline and some in the middle of the harbour, while 3 large ones were still alive feeding amongst the weeds and mucky bottom. this isn’t something we’ve seen before when testing here this time of year, or any time actually. reported this to mary gunning , the aquatics person at quinte conservation, so they’d know about this and perhaps it’s a natural cycle for this to happen?


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Mary Gunning at Quinte Conservation today…she’s the Aquatic Science person there. Also reported to Emily at the Ministry of Environment on the 12th.


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Issue history

  • 2021-11-10 - 10:45:00

    Wildlife reported to County Sustainability Group by Don Ross.

  • 2021-11-11 - 10:37:00

    Don Ross is currently investigating this issue.

    Spoke with Mary at Quinte Conservation (QC) and there are a few reasons why this could occur such as low oxygen, toxins, diseases, and stress. QC has a program that monitors water quality in that area, but it ends in October (which is the algal and plant growing season). Staff are still analyzing the data; however, field observations did notice lower oxygen levels for Picton in October. This November has been seasonally warm, so it is possible that there could be algae present as well. There have been toxic algae blooms in that area in the past. It would require further investigation to determine the current cause.

  • 2021-11-12 - 13:22:00 Don Ross commented

    Spoke this afternoon With Emily at the Ministry of Environment to file this report of the dead fish die off, so she took the information and will follow up. Directed her to the Water Rangers site for more details and some photos.

  • 2021-12-07 - 16:32:00 Don Ross commented

    As of Dec 7th we’ve yet to discover who owns the fountain that used to be here in this spot where the fish die off has occurred, but appears not to be the municipality from what we’ve learned so far. Perhaps it may be the nearby Picton Harbour Inn but don’t know for sure. Would be nice to have that operating again as it really seemed to help the condition of the water in that area in keeping it from becoming so stagnant.

  • 2021-12-07 - 16:42:00 Don Ross commented

    As of today, Dec 7th, we’ve yet to learn who owns the fountain in that section that used to keep the water nicely aerated. It appears not to be the municipality from what do know, and may belong to the Picton Harbour Inn next door? Would be nice to have that operating again to keep that section from becoming so stagnant.

  • 2022-04-15 - 02:34:56 Fay Anabelle commented

    Hello. Did you resolve this issue? If still not get support from here: