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Lillian, Alabama, United States

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Perdido Bay : Perdido Bay

Brown stuff floating all over Perdido Bay and foam usually the foam is early in the morning
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Brown floating clumps of material. turbid brown water.


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4 to 6 weeks. Issue getting progressively worse.

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  • 2020-05-25 - 06:59:00

    Water Quality reported to Mobile Baykeeper : Mobile Baykeeper Team by Mobile Baykeeper Anonymous Citizen Website Reports.

  • 2020-06-04 - 09:33:00

    Meredith Diskin has marked this issue as resolved.

    Thank you very much for your concern. We are currently issuing a special warning for parts of Perdido Bay due to the presence of a lyngbya algal bloom. We do not recommend swimming if you are seeing the bloom in your water. The algae itself can cause skin irritation and potentially stomach illness. The bloom can also cause increased levels of fecal indicator bacteria such as E. coli and Enterococcus. If you would like to know more about algal blooms you can learn about them here: At this time we have no evidence there has been a sewage spill or other release of human fecal matter but we continue to monitor the issue. If you would like to receive emails about our weekly testing then you can subscribe to our Swim Guide alerts: Thank you again for reaching out to us about this issue.