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Quebec, Canada

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Protegez Nos Lacs

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Lac de l’Écluse : Lac de l’Écluse - Chem. de la Montagne

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Lake is too narrow for speeds exceeding 10 km/hr causing damaging wakes!


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  • Grossly Littered
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Issue history

  • 2020-04-25 - 12:39:00

    Trash reported to Water Rangers : Explorer's team by Protegez Nos Lacs.

  • 2020-04-25 - 13:01:00 Protegez Nos Lacs commented

    NO RESPECT from non-resident visitors, disruptive and excessive NOISE issues, loitering, trash/garbage and dumping, shoreline pollution, off-season fishing, trespassing and illicit parking on adjacent private properties, broken glass, boating without safety vests, unauthorized overnight parking, damage to trees, cutting trees, speeding and damaging wakes, unauthorized speedboats and seadoos, plowing snow from lake surface, oil and fuel in lake, graffiti on islands, unauthorized open fires, reckless behaviour (drinking), disregard to SOPFEU fire restrictions, open fires on islands causing risks to flora and fauna, damage to loon nesting site, vandalism. Shame on the Quebec Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources for not imposing control measures to access lake and putting at risk the safety and security of its local citizens, including not protecting the sensitive ecosystem and endangered flora and fauna.