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Foley, Alabama, United States

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Meredith Diskin

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UT to Magnolia : Avery Ln at Shea Circle

Construction site on Avery Ln in Foley, AL.
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Residential subdivision development was observed having inadequate bmps in place. no construction stormwater runoff was seen in the nearby unnamed tributary to magnolia river.


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This was the first observation of this issue.

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ADEM was notified on 10/28/19


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Issue history

  • 2019-10-28 - 16:04:00

    Other reported to Mobile Baykeeper : Mobile Baykeeper Team by Meredith Diskin.

  • 2019-10-28 - 16:17:00

    Meredith Diskin is currently investigating this issue.

    Mobile Baykeeper investigated this issue on 10/28/19. We observed several inadequate best management practices, including no inlet protection, entrance and exit pad was not maintained leading to red clay tracks on the adjacent roads, and construction debris not properly disposed of. This issue will be reported to ADEM and Baldwin County for follow-up, and we will continue to monitor the construction site.