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Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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Shannon Blankinship

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Ortega River - canal : Large single-family reconstruction

A large single-family home on this site is being flipped by a company without permits for work impacting the water.
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Received a call from an anonymous neighbor saying nearby construction at 5120 salonika ln, jacksonville, fl 32210 is un-permitted. the caller said construction crews are working in the river and sediment is leaving the site.

Issue History

  • 2018-12-12 - 15:31:00

    Shoreline reported to St. Johns Riverkeeper : St. Johns Riverkeeper team by Shannon Blankinship.

  • 2018-12-17 - 15:37:00

    Shannon Blankinship is currently investigating this issue.

    Got a response from FDEP Paul Duff, 256-1625, Paul is the inspector given authority over this activity. Paul said that FDEP had received several calls about this property, and visited the site in person last week (12/10/2014-12/15/2018). Paul said that his visitation was specific to the activity impacting submerged lands. Paul said, yes, there are pilings in the river, and noticeable signs of sedimentation from the construction activity due to not having any sedimentation devices (Best Management Practices, BMP's) to prevent sedimentation during a heavy rain. We just received very heavy rains. Paul said that because the dock had yet to be built, he thought it best to require the contractor to submit plans for the dock, get it permitted, and then continue. As for the sedimentation leaving the construction site and reaching the waterway, Paul said it was minimal. He directed the Project Manager, who was unaware of permitting requirements, to install a sedimentation fence to prevent future impacts to the water. The contractor agreed. Paul is supposed to follow up. Last, there is also construction of a large 7 ft. wall. Because it is not in wetlands or submerged lands, FDEP is not focusing their attention on the wall. Paul mentioned the 2 other inspectors from COJ had also been by before him, so perhaps someone at the city is also working to get this property into compliance.

  • 2018-12-17 - 15:49:00 Shannon Blankinship commented

    Spoke with COJ Inspections 256-1100 to ask if they have been onsite re. inspection violations. They have issued permits for the property for plumbing, building (siding and roof), electrical, and mechanical (HVAC/duct work). There are no permits related to the building of a second structure or large wall. He recommended I call Steve Cail 255-8365 to find out if the wall would need a permit, and what type.

  • 2018-12-17 - 16:11:00 Shannon Blankinship commented

    Left message with Steve Cail 255-8365 to find out if building a large wall on private property needs a permit.

  • 2018-12-17 - 16:14:00 Shannon Blankinship commented

    Sent email to Nick Duin, COJ inspector to find out if COJ EQD is aware or working with activity on site.

  • 2018-12-21 - 16:50:00 Shannon Blankinship commented

    Update from Nick Duin: On Tuesday, December 18th Environmental Quality Technician Haley McArtor responded to the project. She met the superintendent on site and discussed the need for enhanced BMP’s on site. On Thursday, December 20th I, Environmental Specialist Nick Duin, conducted a follow-up inspection at 5120 Salonika Lane. I met with the superintendent on site with Drimaxx ( 662-4911) and notified him of turbid discharge into the Ortega River. Considering it was raining the time of my inspection, there was sediment running through the sea wall and into the Ortega River, creating a small plume. (x2 water samples were taken where photo’s #3 - #8 were taken). I will forward sample results as soon as I receive them. There was also sediment leaving the site and channeling down Salonika Lane and into City MS4 (IN-N-003598 & IN-N-003603). The superintendent on site stated that by the beginning of next week he would have the required BMP’s in place to prevent any further offsite impacts. At an adjacent address at 5121 Salonika Lane, there was a large pile of sediment on their property that was not protected from eroding into the street. This was also contributing to the sediment channeling down Salonika Lane and into City MS4 (IN-N-003598 & IN-N-003603). I also have concerns towards the rear of their property along the water’s edge.