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Orange Park, Florida, United States

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Shannon Blankinship

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St. Johns River :

We received a report that lawn debris was being dumped directly into the St. Johns River from a lawn care company at a private residence.
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Second report: email from someone i am choosing to make anonymous the house at 812 river rd. dumps debris from their lawncare business, sweet escapes. the business brings over bags of debris and the house dumps them in the river in front of 812. the debris from cutting lawns can contain insecticides, fertilizers, etc.

Issue history

  • 2018-02-02 - 14:04:00

    Shannon Blankinship accepted this issue. Awaiting investigation.

    Initial Report: Email from someone I am choosing to make anonymous We received a report that there is a home in Orange Park, located at 812 River Rd., where the homeowner is dumping lawn debris from a personal lawn carer business that they run, into the St. Johns River. Additionally, I have a note about a sunken barge or boat, but dont recall whether that is at the same property or not.

  • 2018-06-08 - 13:58:00

    Pollution reported to St. Johns Riverkeeper : St. Johns Riverkeeper team by Shannon Blankinship.

  • 2018-08-20 - 14:10:00

    Shannon Blankinship is currently investigating this issue.

    Sent issue to Town of Orange Park, City Manager, Sarah Campbell on 8/20/2018. Initial response was understanding of the violation: Sec. 28-24. - Illegal disposal of refuse prohibited. (b) No person shall throw, place or deposit or cause to be thrown, placed or deposited into the St. Johns River or on the shore thereof within the town any trash, garbage, dead fish, manure, decayed food or filth of any kind which by its odor, decay or putrefaction would or could become offensive to human beings residing in the vicinity thereof or detrimental to health, or create a nuisance or for any reason throw things into the river. Our code enforcement officer will send them a courtesy notice to start with. If they continue, we will need photographic evidence or witness testimony to bring them before our magistrate for further action. Please let your contact know that we could use their assistance in documenting when this happens.

  • 2018-08-22 - 14:12:00

    Shannon Blankinship has closed this issue.

    Code Enforcement Officer visited the site: Our code enforcement officer investigated and found the following: - The property owner has a wildflower garden on the river bank - There is concrete and brick rubble at the water line. The garden is above the rubble - The owner is dumping dried leaves into the flower bed area. This is not near the water line. We are going to close out our case as unfounded.

  • 2018-09-11 - 14:50:45 Shannon Blankinship commented

    I assumed the issue was closed after Orange Park took control. However, the FDEP also visited the site and offered this to report: I have conducted a site visit to 812 River Road, Orange Park, FL 32073 to investigate the complaint regarding the disposal of yard waste into the St Johns River. At this time I do not see anything actionable by the Department. I have notified Mr. Anderson of the rules and regulations protecting wetlands and surface waters. I have also conveyed to him that any violation of Florida Administrative Code or Florida Statutes may result in an enforcement action including fines and penalties. Allison Cala Environmental Specialist The Department of Environmental Protection Office: 904-256-1562 Email: