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Water quality

Theodore, Alabama, United States

Reported by:
Matthew Fenske

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Bayou between Riverview Nursery Rd and Saltair Rd :

Tidal estuary
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The owner of lot 2 in riverview nursery subdivision has placed red clay after clearing the lot almost 1year ago. construction has not yet begun and silt fences are not containing runoff. large quantities of clay are running across the adjacent lot into the bayou.


Have you seen this before?

Yes. Every rain causes this problem.

Have you notified any other agencies?

Yes. Building inspector and county public works

Issue history

  • 2018-08-02 - 14:44:00

    Water quality reported to Mobile Baykeeper : Mobile Baykeeper Team by Matthew Fenske.

  • 2018-08-03 - 09:48:00

    Cade Kistler accepted this issue. Awaiting investigation.

  • 2018-08-03 - 09:48:00

    Cade Kistler is currently investigating this issue.

    Mobile Baykeeper staff will visit the site today and work with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and any other relevant agencies to ensure this pollution is stopped. Please let us know if there is any other information regarding this issue that we should be aware of by replying to this report our contacting us at the phone/email listed below. Thank you for your report! Cade Kistler Program Director Mobile Baykeeper Phone 251-433-4229 E-mail

  • 2018-08-03 - 11:11:00 Matthew Fenske commented

    MC building inspector was on site today. He will have owner of property re-install silt fences properly.