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Quebec, Canada

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Jennifer Haughton

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Ottawa River : Webb's Bay

Small bay on Quebec side of Ottawa River. North shoreline is primarily wetland habitat/marsh with tall vegetation. About 3-4 small seasonal cottage...
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Exotic/invasive species - flowering rush flowering rush is an aquatic, exotic, tall, plant. i first reported it in july 2012 in webb's bay. it has definitely spread across the north shoreline of webb's bay since that time and become more abundant. it is currently growing both on the shoreline as well as in some deeper water (within the bay). more information on the flowering rush (butomus umbellatus) is available on the following website. 3-e.html it is not a major problem at the moment, however over time it could spread further and crowd out native vegetation.

Dry and hot weather in the last week

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Notified Ottawa Riverkeeper on July 5, 2018

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