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Ontario, Canada

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Don Ross

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Lake Ontario : Little Bluff Conservation Area

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In the parking lot at the end of the roadway into the conservation area there was a very large pile of garbage in bags and some scattered nearby that were obviously left by people partying out here. this is far more than we normally find when we visit here on our frequent walks and doing our tests and much more than i could consider taking home with us. did pick up and take for recycling some of the cans and bottles that were there. called and spoke with a person at quinte conservation to advise them and request someone from there pick it up for landfill when they are in this area sometime.


Have you seen this before?

Always see some scattered bits and pieces of trash here and there on our walks and on the beach but never seen this much in bags left intentionally for others to deal with.

Have you notified any other agencies?

Yes, called and spoke with Quinte Conservation who manage this area and they will send someone out to get it.

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